Capsule Endoscopy


Capsule Endoscopy

Wireless video capsule  endoscopy   is designed to provide clear  and closer view of the small intestine which is normally difficult to visualize with traditional endoscopy or colonoscopy. The capsule endoscopy camera is embedded in a vitamin-size capsule that you can swallow. As the capsule moves down your digestive tract, it takes thousands of pictures that are transmitted to a recorder that you wear on a belt around your waist.

Uses of Capsule Endoscopy

  • Check for small bowel bleeding, which is difficult to visualize with upper endoscopy and colonoscopy
  • Assess the mucosal healing for patients with Crohn’s disease.
  • Check for any small bowel injury associated with use of Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drug use.
  • Evaluation  for unexplained abdominal pain.
  • Screening  for polyps in patients with strong family history of polyps.
  • Screening  for small bowel cancers for patients with Lynch syndrome.
  • Assessment of Celiac disease.

Preparation for the Capsule Endoscopy Procedure
Patients should be fasting overnight usually for at least 12 hour for proper visualization. Tell your doctor in advance about any medications you take. Inform your doctor of the presence of a pacemaker, previous abdominal surgery, swallowing problem or previous history of obstructions in the bowel.

Capsule Ingestion

The video capsule is swallowed with water, and following ingestion you may take clear liquids after 2 hours and food and medications may be taken after 4 hours. The  recorders  that are attached to your belt are removed after 8-12 hours and the recorded images are downloaded and processed on workstations. The capsule are disposable and excreted with bowel movements. You should be careful not to be near an MRI machine or have an MRI done until the capsule is excreted.

Patients  should make an appointment  with GIO clinic for the results of the examination.

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